About Us

Coonewah CrossFit is a locally owned and operated CrossFit affiliate that is located in the Brewer Community. We are focused on bringing functional fitness to our area.
CrossFit has done so much for us personally that we want to share it with others to improve their general wellness and lives.

Class Times:

Classes start at the top of the hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
5 am, 6 am, 7 am
5 pm, 6 pm

7 am

The gym isn’t always about bigger muscles. For some it’s about bigger confidence, self esteem, or an escape from pain. There’s a million and one ways people can hurt you in the world, but inside the gym you’re invincible.
Some of us don’t go to the gym to be able to lift heavy weights, some of us are just trying to be strong enough to carry the weight of our own world on our shoulders and not fall.

Coonewah CrossFit is owned and operated by YKnot Fitness, INC.

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